10593. Historical and Revision Notes. There are several instances reported in which laymen ended up paying Rs.10,000 as compounding fee to the forest department for cutting down trees in their premises. If there is a tree on your property that presents an immediate risk to persons or property, it may be removed without waiting on a permit from your city.. 321, § 50, 35 Stat. Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-third day of July, two thousand twelve. The new legislation called, "Private Property Rights," allows property owners to remove, replant, prune, or trim a tree without approval from their local municipality. Penalties for Cutting a Neighbor Tree Down. Third Regular Session. The answer is ‘yes’, because, according to this Act, the penalty for cutting down a tree is Rs.10,000 or 3 months imprisonment. At present, offenders being prosecuted are liable to a maximum penalty of ten years’ imprisonment. The cutting, felling, or destruction of a tree or the harvest of timber by the following shall not be subject to a civil action under section 3606 of this title or a criminal penalty under section 3606a of this title: (1) The Agency of Transportation, or its representatives, conducting vegetation management. Illegal tree pruning, activity that harms a City tree and removals are categorized as equal administrative citation offenses. AN ACT AMENDING CERTAIN SECTIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Linden residents were recently caught felling trees. 857). Both pleaded guilty to charges including clearing trees in the reserve, burning vegetation and storing cut vegetation from their property in the reserve. The tree in question must not create an immediate danger to others. The penalty set out in the relevant legislation is appropriate and has a deterrent effect on the Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., § 104 (Mar. 1098; June 25, 1910, ch. 431, § 6, 36 Stat. REPUBLIC ACT No. According to the above ordinances, any person who vandalises or damages a tree, including felling a tree illegally, shall be fined and/or imprisoned. In some circumstances, for example, if a dead tree is about to fall, a neighbor can even … Reference to persons aiding or procuring was deleted as unnecessary since such persons are made principals by section 2 of this title.. In 2003, the New York State legislature enacted a law (Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law §861) to deter the illegal taking of timber. Penalties for the illegal removal of trees included a fine and the replacement value of the tree which may vary between R20000 to R100000 per tree. Depending on the circumstances, an individual who decides to forego the laws of property ownership and cross these lines in order to damage or cut down another owner’s tree or trees can be charged with criminal trespass with intent to damage property. The permit shall contain the number and species of trees and amount of plant material, and shall contain the legal description of the real property as usually found in deeds and conveyances of the land on which cutting or removal shall take place. 8048, ENTITLED "AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE REGULATION OF THE CUTTING OF COCONUT TREES, ITS REPLENISHMENT, PROVIDING PENALTIES THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES" This law provides a statutory right to receive monetary damages for the cutting, removal, injury or destruction of “any underwood, tree or timber on the land of another”. Unsound trees that threaten a neighboring property are not under the same legal protection as healthy trees. The first administrative citation is currently $108. 4, 1909, ch.