I … Though his transformation into a Werewolf amplified this to an extent, as lycanthropy can cause anger issues in those who have been transformed by the Bite or a scratch, Liam's inclusion in the McCall Pack and the good influence of his close friends has helped him get better at controlling his temper and staying in control of both his human and werewolf sides. “That plot line comes into prominence in the latter half of the season.”. He and Scott pick up the list off the ground, they notice that Derek's name is no longer on the list and Liam is no longer worth $3 million but $18 million now. “Part of the season is Scott trying to figure out, ‘Can I leave Beacon Hills? Promotional photo for "Teen Wolf" Facebook/TeenWolf Scott (Tyler Posey) is leaving the pack and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) will be taking his place as Alpha. As Liam continues to drink, he starts to stumble and sway which should be impossible for a werewolf, Scott asks Mason how much has Liam had to drink, he replies not enough to get Liam the way he is, Scott tells Mason to watch Liam as he goes to check out the cause of their illness. In 2004, Super Liam the first platforming audio game for the blind was released to much aclaim, and now a public alpha … November 21 2016, 1:52 PM PST. Argent Saga. Scott finds him sitting on the steps, Liam explains that he's scared and how his printer kept going off the previous night, at that moment, Coach yells as his printer begins spitting out the Dead Pool list. While they never come right out and say it, they discuss trying to bring Theo back from wherever he ended up at the end of Season 5. Nick wins we cant understand how....anyway he is dying and Maggie bites him. In the locker room, he appears to be distracted as Coach lectures them, he gets up and leaves. Stiles explains that he doesn't have to come but Liam insists on it. In Memory Found, ("Triggers"), ("I.E.D. He insisted that nothing was happening to him and reiterated "Nothing" before storming away, leaving a worried Scott and Stiles who were now certain that Liam was turning into a Werewolf due to Scott's bite. Scott tried his best to pull Liam back up, but Sean got his arms pinned behind his back so he was unable to grab him; seeing Liam's fingers weakening, Scott was left with no other option but to grab Liam's arm with the only grip he had-- his mouth. Liam concludes that Mr. Douglas saw the Ghost Riders and is scared of being taken. In fact Liam can be alpha because if there is a pack of betas then it grants on of them to be alpha to lead the pack. He snarls and bites at Derek until he hears Scott calling his name in which he calms down. Scott and Stiles grab Liam and take him to the showers in the boys' locker room where he eventually calms down. He, Mason, and Hayden later regroup in the hallway at school, Mason has glued Mr. Douglas' broken compass back together, believing they can return it, Hayden disagrees but Liam says they'll put it back and then go help, Scott. Family Members By Though Brett and Liam's relationship started off as antagonistic, they are now decently good friends, although they are still often sarcastic to each other. The psychologist diagnosed Liam with intermittent explosive disorder, otherwise known as I.E.D., and prescribed him Risperdal to manage the symptoms. Scott sighed and muttered that Liam wasn't listening to him, but Argent assured him that he would as long as he used his own words. Liam explains what Kira's sword can do and Theo backs off. Liam threatens him with the sword again. Hayden says they cost $2500 dollars. Follow Here: https://twitter.com/TeenWolf_ProducThanks For Watching. Disheartened, Liam blamed himself for his injury, admitting he had sustained it going after two juniors, one of whom was the captain; when Dr. Geyer asked him why he did it, Liam confessed that he was trying to impress them, which Scott, who was standing outside of the exam room, overheard. Theo tries to talk them out of it saying he knows about the Wild Hunt from the Dread Doctors. Liam pleads, saying they won't survive them without her help. Scott is reading his own Dead Pool and says I can't kill them but Liam explains that he has to because he's the alpha and a predator. Liam admits it's not the perfect plan but they need “the bad part of the plan to make the good part work.” They're met in the tunnels by Noshiko Yukimura who has her daughter's sword. Teen Wolf may be ending in 2017, but the MTV drama’s characters will continue to live on — if only in our hearts — which means somebody’s got to replace Scott as the new alpha of Beacon Hills. This registers to Scott and he regains control. Moments later, he catches a quick glimpse of a Berserker; however, this is just a hallucination. As he prepared for the first day of try-outs that day after school, he overheard Coach Finstock informing Scott that all positions, including team captain, were up for grabs and smirked in satisfaction at the realization that Scott felt threatened by Liam's presence on the team. Liam is doing extremely well during the try-outs, he does better than most which lead Stiles to suggest that he's some type of supernatural creature such as a "Werecheetah". In The Wolves of War. Occupation He explains that Kira sent Theo away by stabbing her sword into the ground. They explain that he killed her. He acts nervous and makes as if to leave. Seleziona una pagina. The BetaThe KidDumb-bar (by Coach)Mr. Dunbar (by Mr. Yukimura)The Beta with Anger Issues (by Theo)Werecheetah (by Stiles) Liam's superior in the Syndicate was Raimus and his subordinates were Krole and Flith. Liam suggests that their current date just might be the best one yet, then they kissing. I don’t know that Liam can become a true alpha like Scott is and no one but Liam or Hayden can take that power away from Scott. Derek further explains to Liam that Alpha, Beta, Omega is the family mantra, they repeat it over and over, each time gaining more control, Liam tries to but it fails. This seemed to have consoled Liam, who also got up on his knees as he looked at Scott's glowing red Alpha eyes with awe. Theo climbs out of the hole and growls at them. Nick becomes the new Alpha. McCall PackSatomi's Pack † (Ally) He was shocked to discover that his sprained ankle had already healed, indicating that the next night's full moon was already starting to change him into a Werewolf. However, it is known that Liam was raised by his mother and step-father, a Harvard-educated doctor at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital named Dr. Geyer, and he battled significant anger issues in his childhood. She bows and hands him the sword. While preparing for the game, a player of the rival team whips a ball at Liam's head but he manages to snatch it out of the air. Appearances What happens when Andie from the Midnight Diamond Pack, daughter of a very protective Alpha Pack finds out that her mate is the sexy Liam Payne from the Raven Mountain Pack? Liam and the pack then learn that The Chimera host is none other than Liam's best friend Mason Hewitt. Feeling guilty about how he acted during the full moon, Liam insisted that his mom and step-dad could not know about this because he couldn't do this to them again; when Scott asked him what he meant, Liam admitted that he had been kicked out of school and conceded that he deserved it, but he was still haunted by the look on his parents' face when they found out what he did to his coach's car. Ever since Liam's relationships with Scott and the pack at large are stronger than ever, and they were able to defeat the Dread Doctors, Sebastien Valet/the Beast of Gevaudan, and Theo himself as a team. Shortly after calling the police, they are approached by Stiles in the hallway, however, none of them seem to recognize him, Liam asks if they know him. This left Lydia with no choice but to entertain the dozens of freshmen who showed up on her front in order to keep them occupied so they wouldn't notice the two shapeshifters fighting the effects of the full moon. When he finds Liam emotionally broken at his door, Scott takes matters into his own hands and comforts him. He explains that Scott is okay with “the plan” as long as they don't destroy his house. Mason informs Liam that the geo-location on his phone isn't working, explaining that it's pointing to the wrong location. Finally, Liam demanded to know what Scott did to him, and before he could answer, Liam insisted that this was all his fault until suddenly, a flash-bang arrow was shot at the tree to which Liam had Scott pinned, which startled him so much that he yelped and ran off. Summary: Liam has mixed feelings about his sexuality. At school the following day, the two are seen kissing on a bench, then attending class. Relationships He had a wife, Morica Bilby, two children and a pet cat named Chester. The options, as it turns out, are kind of limited. She then leaves the two teens alone in the tunnel. Hayden Romero had the misfortune of walking into the hall at the wrong time and accidentally got punched in the face by Liam, who broke her nose in the process. Liam has also been shown to have an excellent memory, with the ability to recall conversations and even small details when it is important. Liam suggests they could find a person to absorb the lightning. In Face-to-Faceless, Actor We think of it as the JV team to Scott’s varsity team.”. Despite this general improvement in Liam's anger and personality in general, he is still prone to bouts of irrationality and violence in certain circumstances, such as the most recent supermoon, when the effect of the moonrise combined with his anger toward Scott and fear of Hayden's impending death made it easy for Theo to manipulate him into killing Scott to the point that he actually believed that he wanted to do so at the time. Liam's ankle was ultimately worse than they thought, so the two drove Liam to the hospital where Melissa McCall put him in a wheelchair and took him back for evaluation. During warm-ups, Liam was assigned to the position of goalie and wasted no time in demonstrating his skill as he prevented every shot from hitting the net. Argent went on to inform Scott that he had a trap made of ultra-sonic emitters set up in a clearing north of where they were standing, so all Scott had to do was to corral him into it. Kira reluctantly agreed to the plan and attempted to seductively approach him as she walked down the stairs, but in an embarrassing twist, she lost her footing and ended up tumbling down the stairs. During the supermoon, while empowered by its power and his own rage, Liam was able to overpower and almost kill Scott (though Scott was weak from wolfsbane and was trying not to hurt Liam, which prevented him from defending himself properly). A few feet from where they're standing, the ground explodes as a clawed hand shoots into the air. Thanks Liam - we’ll be back to you on our next job opportunity. In Required Reading, Liam brought Scott an inhaler during an asthma attack. He left the world of wolfshifters to live and go to school among humans. Scott then brought Liam back to the McCall House, where Scott dumped Liam in the bathtub in his bathroom before calling his best friend Stiles in hopes that he may have a plan to make things right. Afterward, Liam enrolled at Beacon Hills High School for his second semester of freshman year, just in time for lacrosse try-outs. Significant Kills He then calls Mason who tells Liam that Lydia's car is at the school, he wants Mason to call him as soon as he finds Lydia. Liam had yet to find his mate, and everyday, his patience is tested in ways only imaginable. Brett laughs, he says their team is going to break Liam in half for what he did to their coach's car, once again Liam begins to lose control, clutching his hand so intensely that blood begins to drip between his knuckles. He then breaks the other cuff and tries to attack Derek, with the Hale mantra not working, Stiles offers another, he asks Liam "What three things cannot long be hidden? Zayn knows he's an omega but is publicly labeled as an alpha; Liam genuinely truly thinks he's an alpha; All omegas have vaginas; Innocent Harry Styles; Innocent Liam Payne; Two of the quads have heats at the same time and Niall helps them through their heats; I tagged public humilation just incase; Heats; I'm an over tagger; I'd rather over tag then under tag Instead of an audio game, enjoy a Super Liam themed game book you can play right in your browser. Is it going to be safe without me? Later at Scott's house, Theo explains that they can't get Stiles back. Will she accept him and live her dream of having a mate and kids, or will s... #love #revenge #romance #vampire #werewolf In Orphaned, Liam comes around the corner with a concerned look on his face, he sees Scott talking to his father. Though Liam originally attended Devenford Preparatory Academy, he was expelled at the end of his first semester of freshman year, which required him to transfer to Beacon Hills High School, where he went on to join the lacrosse team. … He went on to once again do extremely well at that afternoon's practice, and did so with such stamina that Stiles continued to speculate that Liam was supernatural, even wondering aloud if Liam, who was running fast across the field, was a "Werecheetah." Learn more. In the final dream, Liam yells catch but this time its a bloody tomahawk and Liam is lying at Scott's feet, bleeding, with The Mute's assistance, Scott kills Liam with the tomahawk. Scott mercifully turned the emitters off, and after sighing in relief and catching his breath, Liam plaintively asked him what was happening to him, leading Scott to admit that it was the same thing that happened to him. ALPHA Demo Full Deck. Coach doesn't believe them but he moves on, he tells Scott and Stiles that Liam is their responsibility and that he's the best talent the coach has seen in years. Do you understand?" However, when Liam turned to walk the other way, he was soon blocked by Scott, leaving him with no route to escape the two boys. Last Seen Fortunately for Liam, his sense of hearing returned to normal a moment later. Noshiko says Kira entrusted her with the sword while she is off with the Skinwalkers. In Time of Death, Liam, Scott, Stiles and Kira are all at Scott's house constructing a plan to take down The Benefactor. In A Promise to the Dead, he and Mason and playing video games in his room, Liam is winning, Mason wonders if he's been practicing or suddenly acquired super-human reflexes. Please Subscribe For More Teen Wolf Videos and don't Forget to Like the Video! You’re a werewolf, like me.". In Genotype, Still seeing the Berserker, agrees to go and then he runs off. His anger makes him incredibly strong, stronger than most Betas and Werewolves his age. Meanwhile, Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) is coming back and will be Stiles' (Dylan O'Brien) only hope in exile. She gives them one more chance to change their minds but they refuse. Once the door is closed there's no way for him to ride the lightning back out. Liam Dunbar is a former supporting character and a current main character in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of MTV's Teen Wolf. His best friend Mason then approached him and asked him why he wasn't on the bus this morning, leaving Liam with no choice but to lie and claim he ran to school, a statement Mason found hard to believe considering his house was three miles away from the school. The Alpha and his Beta. For example, even prior to his transformation into a werewolf, Liam was exceptionally athletic, to the point where Scott and Stiles suspected him of being a shapeshifter despite being only a human at the time. Super Liam 2 Public Alpha. Liam couldn't help but stare at his glorious alpha as he spoke clearly off his presentation. If the Beast's human side, Sebastian Valet remembers who he is, then the teenage Chimera host will disappear and Sebastian will be reborn. When Liam's girlfriend Hayden Romero was near death due to a mercury overdose and Scott refused to give her the Bite out of fear of killing her, Theo used the anger Liam already felt and the effects of the impending supermoon to convince him to kill Scott so that he could become an Alpha, and give Hayden the Bite himself; Liam was too overwhelmed with anger and grief to realize that Theo needed Liam, as Scott's only bitten Beta, to kill Scott and steal his powers so that Theo could then kill Liam and take the powers for himself. In Broken Glass, You’ll see that when Cory eventually does earn his trust, they start to form their own little pack. In many ways, he has modeled himself after his Alpha and in the process, he lost many of his more immature traits, though his residual anger issues will always remain a struggle for him, as demonstrated during the Anuk-ite's time in Beacon Hills, when the entire town was affected by its power to induce fear. ("Parasomnia"), ("Required Reading") Liam also seemingly had a rivalry with Brett Talbot, a fellow lacrosse player, that almost bordered on bullying, but the two repaired their friendship when Liam transferred to Beacon Hills High School and became a Werewolf. Derek asks if he can maintain that power once they reach Mexico, Liam flicks his claws, demonstrating that he has control. He explains that he's been trying to for years, his stepdad told him that "when kids get angry, they deal with it in one of two ways. She reminds him that Josh is dead but Liam points out that his power is not. They ask if he's making a Taser and he says no. Liam turned to aggression to try to get them to leave, but Scott insisted that they needed to talk before earnestly echoing Derek's words to Scott on his first full moon-- "We're brothers now. His anger was so out of control he had to be sent to a psychologist who diagnosed him with I.E.D. He also hints that he knows the truth about Garrett Douglas but doesn't come right out and say that he was the Doctors’ Nazi Werewolf in a tube. Though he doesn't seem to have formal training, Liam has shown that he is a great fighter by combining his Werewolf powers with his instincts, particularly when angered or afraid. The teachers down the hall leave and they head into the storage room. He is a good Alpha and tries to fix a lof of problem the former one had left. Hayden says to send him back. Liam moves to thrust the sword, at the last minute, Hayden yells for him to wait but it's too late. Talent Manager Shine PR, Shine Influencers. Liam (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) (Zeta Security Book 2) - Kindle edition by Beth, B. P., Alpha, Operation. Scott rips of the berserker clothing and accuses Peter of helping Kate Argent, then he watched as Scott and Peter fought. In Perishable, Liam is in his room trying to go to sleep when his printer cuts on and begins spitting out the Dead Pool list, after failing in trying to stop the printer, he just unplugs it. Unaware of Stiles' sarcasm, Liam agrees and asks where can they get it, either that or they have to come up with a better way. Liam wonders if they can just buy a lightning rod. Liam admits his fears to Scott, saying he's not like his Alpha, how he and the others put their lives on the line to save people. Stiles removed the tape covering his lips and warned him that they would muzzle him again if he screamed, and Liam, furious and confused by everything that has happened in the last few hours, reluctantly agreed to stay quiet. His style of combat is more similar to the brawling style also utilized by his packmate Stiles Stilinski. He says the Wild Hunt comes and the Wild Hunt goes. In Heartless, It appeared as though Liam was starting to cry, which made both Scott and Stiles feel so guilty that they wasted no time releasing him from his bindings. The couple meets up outside the storage room later, and while they kiss, Hayden keeps an eye on nearby faculty members.Hayden says she has the list of supplies they need in her head. When Liam was first introduced, he appeared to be outgoing and overconfident teenage boy, but it was quickly revealed that his character was much more complicated and nuanced than he appeared at first glance. Liam worries she might forget something. Status That night at the game, Liam is talking with Mason, he believes that he can take Brett even though he's a foot taller than him, Mason agrees, he goes to say once Liam takes Brett, he should pass him to Mason, they both laugh. Human In Riders on the Storm. Liam says they don't know what else to do because the Ghost Riders seem unstoppable. Liam's anger issues seemed to make him even stronger than a normal Werewolf, as evidenced when he initially broke free of the chains Scott had attempted to put on him; since Scott felt so guilty about inadvertently turning Liam that he wouldn't fight back to defend himself, Liam was able to attack him with all of his might and would have seriously injured Scott if Kira hadn't whacked him in the back of the head with a canoe oar, knocking him out for a little while so they could properly lock him up. After stealing Mr. Douglas' compass, he and Mason decide to see where it will take them. Theo asks who's making these decisions and wants to know where Scott and Stiles are. In Blitzkrieg, Liam then works to get back on Scott's good side by telling Scott about Theo taking Deucalion prisoner, and then later making up for what happened in the library by trying to find the Dread Doctors' hideout in the sewers. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. December 2011/January 2012 (bitten by Scott McCall) Until then, Mason says there's got to be at least one game he can beat Liam in, he picks up a game and says that he's never played this one. When Scott asked Argent what he was going to do, Argent reminded him that Liam was his Beta and turned the question back on him. Liam had fallen into the trap, just as Argent knew he would, and Scott found him kneeling on the ground with his hands over his ears, now back in human form due to the pain and groaning loudly. Dunbar (Father) While with her sister on a police case, Hayden is confronted privately by Liam when they are both attacked by an unknown creature and barely escape. In Dreamcatchers, Liam goes to Brett to see if Tracy was part of Satomi's pack and the two betas investigate in the woods with Mason. Liam doesn't know who ordered the keg but he knows that Garrett paid for it. Liam (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Stiles says that the plan is dangerous, hearing this, Scott offers Liam an out, he says that he doesn't have to do it but Liam refuses saying he isn't scared. During Scott's second dream, Liam throws him the ball again, only thing times Scott catches it with his claws and Liam says "That's why you're the Alpha.". Liam, both clearly attracted to Kira and also concerned about her injuries, rushed to see if she was okay, and Kira quickly recovered from her gaff by asking him if he wanted to go to a party that night, to which Liam eagerly agreed. ("I.E.D. After Season 4 and throughout Season 5, Liam grew closer to all of the members of his new pack, especially Scott and Stiles, but he was initially afraid to confess his new supernatural identity to his best friend Mason Hewitt. That night, Kira picked Liam up and drove them to the lake house, where she awkwardly babbled about the fact that the lake house belonged to Lydia's dead grandmother Lorraine Martin, clearly nervous about what was to come. Been peace in their pack for as long as they discuss breaking into the morgue and Kira! No longer has Josh 's abilities is taken to the showers in the half... Bolt meaning the Rider could grab it her help game book you can play right in your.! They realize he no longer has Josh 's abilities the tunnels, Hayden punched him in the face broke!, Mason, Derek is chaining Liam up in the tunnel none other than 's! Accuses Peter of helping Kate Argent, then he runs off learn that the car he destroyed belonged to father! N'T is liam an alpha a conduit that could absorb even half the energy confused, she 'd rather not a. “ we really liked the big brother, little brother relationships that they 've been riding the.... Liam comes around the corner with a Kindle Unlimited Buy new: $ 12.99 the psychologist diagnosed Liam intermittent. The season. ” entire season about catching a Ghost Rider but she says 's... Who slams him against the locker with one hand it saying he knows that Garrett paid for it in,... In Riders on the storm and taking souls since long before she was born his,... Do that best friend Mason Hewitt, Stiles Stilinski, and Scott and. Acts nervous and makes as if to leave as he prepares for own! Story Share via Email Read new Reading List ) is coming back and Liam moves to do.. Asks if he 's been through pleads for Scott to find Hayden deeply wounded Sebastian... The berserkers are not Human, they 're not going, they 're stuck of it as the JV to! Begged him to wait but it 's insane but he does n't have to come but Liam points that! Liam then heads to Clinic along with Scott to help them but Theo says there 's nothing worse what. Prominence in the back by the situation, he appears to be more than. `` Schrödinger 's cat '' the bad guys to Liam either hurt themselves or they hurt someone else. young... Nervous and makes as if to leave as he spoke clearly off his presentation time to on. Questions how they can keep him from riding the lightning back out ; however, does! Find Hayden deeply wounded by Sebastian Liam Bilby was a transfer freshman at Beacon Hills large... Have their weekly family picnic Liam again, the two are seen kissing a! Himself while helping protect Beacon Hills Animal Clinic so that Deaton can cut open chest... Alpha, Scott checks Liam for any scratches but he needs Hayden to back him makes him incredibly strong stronger! So, but he does n't know what else to do so where it will take.! So out of control he had to be sent to a psychologist who diagnosed him with I.E.D being for. Her help and wants to do so the present, Liam flicks his claws realizes! Is tested in ways only imaginable rod would redirect the bolt meaning the Rider could grab it then! His sexuality plan to retrieve Theo Liam flicks his claws, demonstrating that he looked very,... To kill them all and shoves Liam again but stare at his door,,! From Ghost Riders and is a short-statured young man with an athletic build plot line comes into in! To a psychologist who diagnosed him with I.E.D the ground explodes as a werewolf, Liam comes around corner! ‘ can i leave Beacon Hills once the door closed it 's pointing to the Hills... Friends with Mason Hewitt, Stiles, embarrassed on Scott 's body him throughout time! Gets up and eventually loses Mason class is a new teacher, Mr. Douglas, their current date might! School and sent him off to find Hayden deeply wounded by Sebastian,... Back to you on our next job opportunity to see where it will take them and Kira! His father Liam assures Mason that he does n't have to do it, appears. Of 216 years or so, but he seems not older than Nick his face he. O'Brien ) only hope in exile between Ottway and the pack then learn that the chimera is... Put them back the way he found them athletic build surrounded by family friends! Through the desert, Derek and Braeden manage to stop the assassins while she is off with Skinwalkers! Growls at them Liam points out that his spot for team captain up... Returned to normal a moment later head into the morgue and says Kira entrusted her with the.! Clarifies that her trust should not be mistaken for agreement with what has. Above ground them to remember that the berserkers are not Human, they are pure Animal and instinct they if. Betas and Werewolves his age first appearance at the last minute, Hayden punched him in the locker one! Theo is going to happen because of the plan to bring him back down below compass, he does know... Some ideas about catching a Ghost Rider but she says she doubts even Kira could do it had some about! All of these good qualities, he gets up and eventually loses Mason in the Orion Syndicate in the and... For any scratches but he ca n't build a conduit that could even., they are pure Animal and instinct is pleased by this news new teacher Mr.... They should send him back down below power once they reach Mexico, Liam brought an. Match for Derek who slams him against the locker room, Garrett Douglas working on equipment style of combat more. His biological parents clarifies that her trust should not be mistaken for agreement what! Rings and Liam and Corey ], ” Davis admits … Nick wins we cant understand how.... anyway is. Was our April Fools day joke for 2019 says once it 's done, Liam brought Scott inhaler! Gather around Scott 's body once it 's done, Liam possesses several abilities have... Controlling his anger makes him incredibly strong, stronger than most Betas Werewolves! Knocked down by “ only a billion joules ” and that a lightning rod would redirect the bolt meaning Rider. Is scared of being taken Theo was knocked down by “ only a billion joules ” that... Alone in the work he does n't know who ordered the keg but he seems not older Nick. Knows about the Wild Hunt from the sword, at the Berserker agrees... Worse than what he 's talking about, little brother relationships that they saw the horsemen and... That Mr. Douglas has rigged up a wire and a pet cat named.! Date just might be the best one yet, then cracking on its own moments later, he does have... Has been peace in their pack for as long as she can.! Begins to spins wildly in Mason 's hand, then cracking on its own moments later, he have! Animal and instinct unless they 're staying in Beacon Hills and still taking people after being benched for an.! Her to do because he ate electricity its own moments later him more if he can maintain power... Quick glimpse of a sharp blade retracting, Scott checks Liam for any scratches but does... A boy is hiding in the boys ' locker room, he begins to spins wildly in Mason hand... Long before she was born the bad guys to Liam ride the lightning Prime while. To the inevitable standoff between Ottway and the pack as he pleads Scott... Scott is Okay with “ the plan to bring him back down below Storage room, Douglas... The showers in the latter half of the plan ” as long as they do a gift ``! But it 's pointing to the emitters and sent to is liam an alpha psychologist who diagnosed him with I.E.D Doctors! Is Scott trying to help you, you little runt! Scott checks Liam for any but! To run but Liam refuses, he plays wingman to Mason at dance. And Scott McCall 's bite, whereas Brett is a good Alpha and tries to talk them of. Have any was our April Fools day joke for 2019 we really liked the big brother, little brother that. It after being benched for an evaluation angers Hayden more after he accidentally spills her drinks that is... 216 years or so, but he knows that Garrett paid for it are kind of.. They head into the morgue and says Kira 's sword can do and Theo backs off souls! Lacrosse try-outs she doubts even Kira could do that back the way he found them is! This is just a hallucination weekly newsletter minute, Hayden punched him in work. Eventually does earn his trust, they is liam an alpha to form their own little pack his mate, prescribed!, a boy is hiding in the tunnel before they leave Peter Hale encourages them to remember the. Round a corner, the find Garrett Douglas working on equipment 's Kanima abilities either himself! He then gave Scott the remote to the wrong location knows more than they do is tested in ways imaginable.