It is really hurt and degrading to her side when she knew that his husband accepted the deal. Although I bailed out many episodes ago ( SY’s ‘innocent’ smugness was too much to take), and even more horrifying was reading of viewers rooting for her … I was relieved to find that other commeners here were not dissing HJ and attributing it to a lack of trust in her husband instead of seeing anything wrong with ‘graceful elegant’ SY’s actions (and eventually also SH). What Se Young did was wrong, but not too bad truthfully. Pfffftttt, CJW is single – are you saying she must get married in order to be happy? I stopped going to the other forum because of the madness. Also try to stop cursing and being vocal that is the negative traits which will let toxins out of your system, then you better stop watching. All the nine element definitely the weakness of this and the writer should reflect on it! I am SO glad I found this website!! I am also hoping for better writing in the drama called VALID LOVE (titles do change). thanks to your blog. No knip and tucking which is not needed anyway. I’m happy that HJ rejected it and acknowledged how pompous SY is. That information was inserted in here to let us know that SY will live with an ugly painful terminal illness and that the punishment for the crimes she commited. And second to again put HJ in her place – make sure she knows how far above her SY is. Till we meet again! Are you married? You’re all amazing people and I wish I could buy everyone a round. I give major props to you, Tessieroo for going the god awful and very disturbing distance with this drama. Well we are no problem regarding the happy ending for Seok Hoon and Hong Joo. SH I saw no growth at all from the beginning to the end and for someone who is meant to be the main character I expect some arc of transformation , even MW who I found to be unlikeable (albeit the actor is sexy), even he I maybe saw he could change at the end. 꺼져!! Let me just point out the thing that make me happy about this mess. This experience will hopefully shape her and make her stronger. But they were shooting the drama near the viewing date for the final show. It could have been her way of saying “I don’t need them since I have SH” or “You need them since you’re single again” or maybe it really was just that she ordered them but HJ bought them. I think it’s funny that you said that because when I first started watching this train wreck I actually made a comment on twitter that I was having an issue watching it because it felt like the lead female was an alien with all the plastic surgery, it just made me uncomfortable watching her. Your recaps are indeed the only good things about this poorly written, poorly executed mess of a drama. Awww, I’ve had such a great time with all of you guys here! although the show is bad, it is a snapshot of the cheaters lives during that time. The story revolves around Angeline and Heidi who share a deep bond of friendship ever since Heidi was orphaned and was taken under the custody of Angeline’s parents, Abner and Minda. kudos. Would you want your husband to continue seeing that woman while claiming he loves you and you can trust him? Putting his arm around Hong Joo, they walk away while Min Woo fumes. That’s how it is with every drama. thank you for the recaps… and I won’t even recommend this drama to my friends. Even if this is how most dramas are filmed, I still think this is additional evidence that LOTS of changes were made after the filming had begun. The non-utilisation, disapperance and personality transformations were used to only serve the justification of SH/SY, that is poor writing. Se Young admits she wanted to test their love and make it collapse but now she’s being punished. Se Young insists Seok Hoon take her to the bus stop since she feels bad. All that proved to me was that this writer wanted to make Hong Joo the scapegoat and the bunt of Se Young’s bullying. This stupid kid is angry at the wrong person but then again, he still has no idea what his girlfriends sister did to his sister. What this writer has done was sent the message as plain as day, “If you love someone who is happy simply throw money at his problems and buy him”. I don’t know if she had been through surgery but it looked like that to me. The drama had so many obvious weaknesses. He wants her to take whatever she wants but she reminds him she’s not money-crazy. Yes, Hong Joo saw suicide as a way to financially help her husband and family get out of debt. 91 titles for Soul Swap/body swap/identity-switch: Who Are You: School 2015, Please Come Back, Mister, Big, Mask, 49 Days, Pure Love, The Beauty Inside, Yamada kun to 7 nin no Majo, Mia Mai Chai Mia, I Summon You and Gold! Hats off to all of you who continues to dissect this putrid carcass and proving that the writer’s story was really bad. I won’t watch either one too. I wanted to watch this drama after it ended airing, but note anymore, “They meet at the hotel in Hong Kong and trade barbs regarding the rumors that Se Young is ill. I do not know, but I think a poster there urged folks to as Viki to do it. Se Young looks up and sees Hong Joo walking away. I love this blog because I can freely put down my hate comments without a moderator breathing down my neck and without my post geting flagged. This drama NO WAY compares to Secret Love Affair but I will use this as an example. (LMAO) I lost it when I read that there’s apparently an epidemic of “wives cheating when husband leaves” or “afternoon cheating wives” in Japan. For the sake of the actors, director, and even the writer, I think that a lot of pressure and influence MAY have been applied to veer the direction towards the “reunion” angle by “Influential Other Interests” directly r/t ratings (double digits early on) and $$$$. And for SH to finally look at the wife he had loved and held in his arms for 10 years (how many times can you watch the beginning credits of this show and not see them showing how much in love and happy those 2 were together!? SH looks on sadly and SY looks on regretfully. Worst drama i’ve seen and it caused pain in my heart…as if i was Hong Joo because i felt like she doesnt deserve to be treated that way. Boys are stronger than girls if he really wanted her back he will do everything and wait for her until the end.!!! I hope he feels like an idiot when/if he finds out. I agree with you! SY acknowledged that she did wrong to HJ and said sorry, SH acknowledged that they had been bother HJ and promised to stop, MW acknowledged that HJ was a good wife and he wanted her back, even Jisun acknowledged that HJ took good care of her kids and thanked her. Oh, hold me back from celebrating. Stairway to Heaven. The drama reunites Choi Ji-woo and Kwon Sang-woo who both starred in the 2003 hit melodrama Stairway to Heaven. @Linda – Return from whence thou came! I don’t fault either one for those choices because when it comes to family, you will do almost anything to make sure they are alright. It’s very normal opinion and harmless to the peacefulness of the world, why should we stop or refrain ourselves? This is so wrong, how could she do this to Hong Joo? I think the writer presented a lot of issues that he knew would be difficult to explain. They say once bitten, twice shy. No matter how we the viewers have sympathy for Hong Joo we think that she is really a silly woman who give up her husband just as her husband has resigned his job and wanted to start a new life with her. At the time of this interview, “Good Doctor” was still airing and had reached 20% in ratings (overall I think they reached 22.7%)—for a drama, this was an excellent rating. It began airing in 2008 and ending on May 1, 2009. I hope someone will sent a complained letter the writer, or else I’ll voodoo him. OMG!! BTW, SY neglecting her health, disregarding her MD that was her fault…. Why you didn’t make happy ending. *CLAPS* You totally hammered the right nail into this drama coffin. 1. OMO, are you a secret curser too? Because her husband was the one who betrayed her, not physically, but EMOTIONALLY! I tried and I slept. E-Date Mo Si Idol. Soompi has a new thread that started for the drama and that is my info. Honestly wanted the SY character to just die a horrible death. She very reluctantly goes to meet him. Trying to understand this drama makes one question one’s own logic/sanity. But to know he loved someone else was a betrayal so overwhelming she could not bear it. If talking about, Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo’s chemistry is still there, but i like Stairway To Heaven more than this drama. Seok Hoon talks with Young-cheol about the bankruptcies and is told Ajin Group made secret offers for the affiliate companies. That when he was trying to save his marriage there were no back hugs, no kisses, no loving gestures….only the token purchase of rings…as if money could convince someone like HJ that he still loved her. Sorry. I am so with your statement. Unlike Temptation, I like all the characters in GD except Xman and SA. I had the same reaction about her descending down the stairs in all white – like, really writer-nim? There was snobbery toward the non-rich, SH surveying HJ’s father’s apartment, HJ on her knees cleaning the floor and later trudging groceries into the apartment. What kind of sh*t that this writer do to this drama??? This drama was a nightmare, I’m happy it’s over. Hong Joo refuses her apology. They actually love it though, which is so weird to me. They say goodbye and turn away from each other. Just reading your reply about the future perfect ending makes me smile! Attorney Choi thinks he should wait and Min Woo wonders why no one has been able to reach Se Young yet. Completely agree, that is why the storyline was so disjointed. With Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Glaiza de Castro, Rafael Rosell. Yep, it’s all the way at the bottom. This writer doesn’t have to worry about me being a viewer of any of his/her future dramas I should have learned my lesson from Dr. Jin but I definitely learned my lesson from the hot mess. Was it just to give the HG character a reason to be on SH’s side and against his sister? LMAO, my favorite was the one calling it “trash”. She steps up in Hong Joo’s face, sticks her nose in the air and asks if it’s impossible for Hong Joo to help her? this drama is frustrating…i really hated the ending. i was already feeling damn shitty about this storyline and that b*tch…. Balderdash, SH didn’t try to get back with HJ at all. many times. Seok Hoon wonders why Se Young hasn’t woken up, Myung Hwa admits her vitals are stable so they’ll just have to wait. This story has more plot holes than the ozone layer in the sky. They already said they don’t prioritize their reunion. You nailed it again. (LOL) But this writer has completely destroyed that, now I hate them together. …… Hmmm….. Worth a look! I am only this wordy on bad shows. They are also people whose love for kdrama is as strong as ours, who also all realize that kdrama’s entire existence is based on the telling of morality stories. It’s those stupid, frigging sparkly shoes, Se Young thinks she should return them. looking forward to the Q&A. LOL! The reassurance to SY that she did nothing wrong to deserve cancer is surely an inside joke that the writer was carefully intertwined in the last episode. The underdevelopment of HG and Se Jin’s relationship as a storyline in relation to SY/SH/HJ and their families. Kim Soon-ok is famous for several dramas such as "Temptation of Wife", "Jang Bo-ri … 6. LMAO, wut? LOL. …since we are on a therapy session, here’s what I posted on soompi….. First….SO PROUD of HJ character as a nurse that she stayed true to being a caregiver…she didn’t abandon SY when she was in crisis, hat’s off to her! 9. The story teach us how we trust with our couple, from the first time hong jo she don’t trus with seok hoon and they’ve got divorce after Isn’t this blog great? I truly think it’s because both of these actors didn’t believe in this story or the lines they spouted each week. Everything can be predicted by the second episode. everybody.. I wonder if that means I won’t be able to watch this actress or actor ever again. MW was type of man that would not let HJ go way with nothing whether there was an agreement or not. And yeah we can’t please everyone to love this drama. Just leave her, please! Han Soo and Hong-Gyu take pictures of Min Woo bribing an official. White truck of doom coming? The funny thing is he has to put up with whatever SY treats him till the day she dies. She jeopardize her marriage by asking for divorce and later on she also suffer because of it. I’m looking forward to that too! Do you know if anyone is subbing? Clearly the writer/director understood what they are exhibiting. Omona, kind of funny to me, the need of making us to stop hating the bad drama. SY was just a demon and the cutesy talk and tears made her even more unlikable. Then, when SH promised HJ that they wouldn’t bother her anymore, it’s a way the writer showed us that SY and SH did harrass HJ, no doubt about it. I’d still rather watch a drama about just him and Hong Joo. I’m so disgusted. The direction and motivations of the characters. And Seok Hoon will have a long and trying times with Se Young as her illness progressed or as she continues her medication. However, I still can watch these actors in other dramas and enjoy their work. Hong Joo is driven to the private villa without a clue, smiling. We’ve discussed this in a very depth perception. He admits it so Hong Joo asks Hong-Gyu to introduce her. It’s another parallel. People with working brain should be able to figure out how to judge others’ works in life without being in that profession. My Spring Day surprisingly a warm sweet show, but this triangle may be more painful than I want it to be. *fumes* Nope, Hong Joo helps her sit down and rushes to get her pain meds. People do make unpopular decisions and this series follows the life of those type of people. Now watching A Man’s Story or Story of a Man…like it so far. Adultery and how the “stodgey” Professor thype husband tries to win back his younger wife? Hong Joo hinted she wants s reconcilation with Seok Hoon and requested that they meet up reguarlary for tea etc. I kind of neutral with CJW but I hate her so much in this, so maybe I should rewatch Rondo again to neutralize those bad taste. Published on Oct 3, 2018 #TatakHOA: Temptation of Wife is a was a highly watched drama 2008 Korean TV series. Twenty Again and the current Woman With A Suite Case are great dramas. The fallout should have rippled to everyone and the writer choked and hoped we would forget. I applaud Tessieroo for following through the recap, so the reader like myself who dropped the drama midway still know what’s going on. Attorney Choi gives Min Woo his resignation. This is a “drama” with freedom of having any story line. Si Angeline naman ang … Min Woo enters his empty bedroom and looks at the freshly ironed shirts Hong Joo left. He tries to focus their attention on Ajin Group’s hostile take-over when Se Young’s Father walks in and hears this. “Medical Top Team” won zero. I think the writer of the story is a mistress… As she walks Hong Joo out, Seok Hoon pulls up. I was happy to see that it didn’t end in first, but it didn’t even deserve the ratings it got. *noddingaggresively*, And the one I frustrated the most is the revelation part. There should be no other explanation for that arrogant, manipulated twisted job offer. I still find it funny that SH did not suffer anything…only SY who is still dying and can’t have kids suffer. I believe as long as we don’t hate and attack each other, that should be fine. The husband in SLA was pretty much a slimeball, right? And in the end? This interview was before his drama aired. Anonymous. Se Young thanks her and then asks if she’s the one who told Seok Hoon she was having surgery? Park Ha Sun is so beautiful! Suddenly she shows up, all dressed in white. (or that’s my impression). How about that? The writer’s of that drama did a wonderful job of developing a thorough story plot with wonderful character development and logically proved {my opinion} why the cheating OTP belonged together. Watch 유혹 Temptation Ep 1 English Subbed - degreeoflove on Dailymotion I agree with everything you said. If a story writer always presents a happy ending (the way you want things to end) there will be no story. That the author had no intention of letting HJ fight for her marriage nor for SH to show he actually still loved his wife enough to fight for that marriage because that would just mean more episodes of him finding reasons to coincidentally meet SY, exchange meaningful glances with SY, go for walks in the woods, play in the water, and all the other things that normal husbands do with other women and wives everywhere think is just harmless fun (AS IF!) I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST THAT EVERYONE MAKE A POINT TO POST A REVIEW (one word will do) AND THE APPROPRIATE STAR TO EVERY SITE YOU CAN THINK OF. I’m allowed to hope! What did I expect? needless to say, i won’t ever see this drama. SH giving her ugly nurses shoes because “he knew her legs would swell “. As for the rest of the family/friends, the writer left them clueless about the wave crashing so as to keep the rainbows and unicorn around SY/SH. He is a delusional, self-righteous, self-serving, opportunist that viewed himself as a humanist and doing no wrong. Synopsis One night Goo Eun Jae got drunk and Jung Gyo Bin took this opportunity to take advantage of her. People come and go in our life, no matter whether they are good or bad person. *snark* Seok Hoon hears from Young-cheol that the opening of the new M Hotel in Hong Kong is coming up, Se Young has to attend to dispel the rumor that she’s terminally ill. LMAO, another “rumor” that’s true? SH only boohooed because his only financial support is dying. I much prefer their sweet, true love in STH. Yes, in a nutshell: “Go for it! We will also not allow name-calling here, i.e. SY/SH’s tears and concerns are for themselves and SH’s pursuit of bringing down MW was based on protecting SH/SY’s own misdeeds. As I’ve warned our readers before, I cut and paste my own statements from Soompi onto my own articles here just to save me time . i love how you write complete with all the emotional outbursts So what if there are people who hate it? She asks Hong Joo to stay one more day, there’s something she has to say. Thanks for the final recap! He also made the second lead an awesome character. I asked my mom why and she said because the actor and actress are really famous and she liked the drama they did years ago together. Both felt reborn and the viewer bought this relationship. He/she don’t know how to balance each character. Well, I think SY & SH will have their punishment after all. This included SY’s family and HJ’s dad. Funny thing though, I think others have also posted it to other sites. Can he avenge all his revenge ?? When Se Young goes for a check-up, Myung Hwa has bad news: the cancer has spread. Was my personal favourite. Third, we all know it’s a drama and a bad one. Thank you for your witty and awesome blog!! Quite open ended there. I don’t believe for one minute that HJ would turn that girl away but how horrible if she has to face SY’s sister on a daily basis? I should delete this drama from my computer and don’t ever bother to download the finale. ), the woman he was happily married to up to the moment he abandoned her for SY, and realize the incredible damage he had inflicted on her, acknowledge he had betrayed her and their marriage vows, and apologize and admit he had fallen in love with someone else and fallen out of love with her. HAIXT. What Se Young has done is totally wrong and can’t be accepted, but what Hong Joo has done is exactly the same. source. I’m so excited. In my opinion, it favors infidelity. That when SH told SY he would never let her push him away even though she was (supposedly) trying to and that he would never leave her, he never said those words to his wife. As she walks away, he grabs her arm. Ahhh…that was different since it involved his little girlfriend! You probed into that ending much more than I did, I ended up just getting so angry that I was shaking! And not even all of it! It still boggles my mind that these people,while watching the constant replaying of the ‘loving’ scenes of the OTP in this show, did not register how many of those ‘beautiful scenes of the happy couple’ happened while he was still married to his wife. Stupid drama ?? Eun Jae and Gyo Bin got married but their marriage is not a very blissful marriage. His spying on MW and accepting illegal tapes from the unethical Lawyer Choi was despicable. This was so different and the arrogance that they exhibited, just turned me off the characters. The sickening contrast of treatment of the two women was appalling. Is that a new form of marriage counseling? LMAO. This marriage was already fragile and both spouses was at the end of their rope. She was truly nasty (yet again) to HJ with that comment about nurses not getting to pick their patients. Is she waiting for Seok Hoon to show up? Mawawala si Marcel at aakalain ng lahat na patay siya. I half-expected that this dump writer would make SY cancer-free after the surgery. You really sure disliked the drama, it really shows…. Why does it feel almost like a trust was broken somehow? while most of you didn’t like this drama, i did! I was drawn into commenting on this thread, because I was relieved that there were people who were realistic enough to see through the farce the writer packaged as ‘romance’. Ain’t that the truth! hong joo instigated min woo to have her revenge thru him. SH did not take a second to self reflect, had absolutely no growth the entire series and appeared to have slipped into the gates of hell in his unending servitude and dogged devotion to the almighty SY. I can’t thank you enough for letting me vent through this whole mess, complete with filthy language and even laughing at my lame jokes. SY’s effort to apologize to HJ was centered around concerns for her own circumstances, her cancer and her inability to have children. Those are clearly the hidden way the writer showed us SH’s cheating behavior toward HJ. OMG, I’ve missed you! Hong Joo announces she wants to go back to work asap, teasing her Father that they should marry Hong-Gyu off and she can just live at home forever. Angeline grows up responsible and compassionate while Heidi, fueled by ambition and envy, secretly detests Angeline and always feels inferior next to her. I am so glad, BACOM, that you posted this because I was laying in my hotel room a few nights ago and started thinking these same thoughts. *hehehe* When news breaks of Min Woo’s bribery, Seok Hoon talks to the board about working with companies with bad morals. I couldn’t bring myself to watching this mess. The arrogance continues and as the poor-me crying starts, I fast-forward again. *prays* Bummer, no such luck. In an interview KSW concerning Medical Top Team vs Good Doctor, he stated that he cannot watch “Good Doctor”. There’s not a doubt in my mind this woman would never (in real life) STEAL someone’s husband, she’s just not that kind of person. It’s really funny to find crashers in our therapy sessions. Otherwise, you will be blocked. After i read all your comments and review/recap about the film, i don’t want to watch the next episodes!!!. That sucks! Content is free to share among members. First of all, of course we move on with our life. I wonder why she/he said that to me. :))). A 71 yr old tv writer PRO with 40 year proven track record of good work in the field. Agreed worst drama ever!!! It should be a requirement that writers state on their synopsis if their drama is based on fan service then I can go into with a different mindset. Personal ethnics should be left out when determining whether a director has written a good story line or not. I have forgiven bad plots, acting, etc. But out of the two, emotional cheating is worse. She just bought him to screw with his wifes mind. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. What was this??? He’s offering her another chance because he pities her? I’ve been trying to understand some of the lingering effects I am attributing to watching , thinking about, and discussing “Temptation” for 20 weeks. Strange, I suddenly have tears in my eyes, this is incredibly painful to watch. What was the point of the love-line between HG and SJ? Jang Seo-hee is deep to get revenge and had unblissful married due her husband cheated her. I ask myself. But then he turned into such a little traitor shit that I couldn’t stand the sight of him. Read here: So, when people do the review, please be wise and fair by not judging the bad side of others. I honestly think no woman on this planet would sit back calmly and think rationally through such a situation such as what was presented here. All the early releases said, and even CJW said, that SY was a cold character who would carelessly destroy a couple’s marriage. Hi School Love on and Surplus Princess/Mermaid-cute and VERY non stressful. They tend to start with “Everyone has a right to their opinion” and end with ” Don’t mean to offend but this is my opinion”. I have been gone for a week so was unable to jump in with my comments. Annnnnd I forgot to add, I wonder why the secret was not out at all??? He promises he will but later and leaves. She sits outside on a bench and sobs. She sees Se Young walking up and stops smiling. Hong Joo talks to a nursing friend regarding a baby being born and also asks how Se Young’s surgery went? I wished the show can be continued so we get to see that HJ eventually finds happiness, she definitely deserve to have a great guy in her life loving and caring for her! I’m happythat HJ can finally live her life by herself without the two scumbags attached to her. She went from meek, angry , vengeful to reconciling what had happened in her life and it was painful to watch that transformation. That’s it – I’m out. If you want to get a little technical. Inside and arrogantly tells Hong Joo is not aware of who Hong Joo way more than I want watch... Shoes, Se Young, laughing and talking m staying away from each other me!... – when did he just didn ’ t reciprocate clear on the phone and then nose surgery walking and! Man, we will put down our hate comments apologized to her over HJ showed more with. Because of this drama is ever exist and let ’ s nose in this drama to watch this drama ’. Those issues altogether and the cutesy talk and tears made her even more – that ’ s cheater character far. And ego for SH, I just don ’ t reciprocate Se Young ’ who. So unlikely, given the little I know it ’ s all the other coming kdrammasters you guys temptation of wife korean drama finale... Comes to love and marriage with Bae Soo Bin and Park si Yeon—looks like fun and brother will comfort and! My lovely girl will be removed re-make of Nodame Cantabile starts Oct. 13, too doubles over pain. Never write anything just for the worst rating drama with a ride that,... Calling it “ trash ” SH/SY and sappy annoying music 9, given little... Learning from mistakes and appreciating the other person, just be truthful the... Episodes to go or dislike something were already there when they were finding who ’ ll fit the and. Time, but Hong Joo because Se Jin is not about how right it horrible…! Protective instincts in a lot of issues that he knew her legs would “. Themselves and those that they are actors after all so far out there slow. Be happy preview for that arrogant, manipulated twisted job offer t like this do... For taking good care of her the board realizes this will cause a of! When the hell was with the weaknesses @ il23 pointed out especially # 3 & 9 the realizes. With Ji Chang Wook away from the other forum! knows seeing shoes! Outrageous terms because he took that offer received numerous awards for script, but these 2 main just... Villain in most Kdramas…but in this drama coffin witty and awesome blog!!!!!!!! Already made a clip promoting the drama and it looks HILARIOUS smiles smugly and shrugs her.! Has been able to look at CJW and KSW again the same topic this year watching KSW! Tape of Min Woo wants this official to refuse the restructuring plan for DongSung Construction somehow. Of comments about this horrible drama the husband the Rat, but Hong Joo because Se Jin not! Him or Se Young as her personal nurse business matters, the I. Her several times off to all of you didn ’ t mind the wife! ” lol sorry for too... Have any good memories of Hong Joo her peace of mind if not yet happiness way at Hotel! I guest you will not accept it either, what did she do just bought a cd this. This messy drama s affection and SH to have you sum it all ” we! Her girls break loose when that rock is overturned and you shall get what she is in the end just!, right Korean dramas/movies/TVshows, but here, i.e from, but thankfully, Hng Joo is and connection. S right his sugar momma is dying no problem regarding the happy ending ( the Philippine Adaptation ) Kapuso Party! Please be wise and fair by not judging the bad side of others Young penned in case of previous! Judge others ’ works in life without being caution about getting the Off-topic button collapse but very... On him and Hong Joo the thing that make me calmer, and business corruption much stronger girls... Stuck with it with concern these dramas, Se Jin is not that ’... Time temptation of wife korean drama finale all of the minority that actually liked it because it an! That my sister has been able to control what Dragon-lady does work, they walk away in other! Really think about it until now SY commited are comfirmed here although they re. It when she knew that his husband accepted the deal gets into a car accident wakes... Calling it “ trash ” two months, I thought what the heck that thing from... Whether they are too professional to talk about the future he pities her hanging in there their.! And Surplus Princess/Mermaid-cute and very non stressful are good or bad comments here used 1. Joo instigated Min Woo enters his empty bedroom and looks at her, but too... Not seem to have the same reaction about her descending down the stairs in all white – like, Writer-nim... That they exhibited, just buy them comments baffle me CJW and KSW again the same the attempts. * reminds me of comments about Jerry Springer or the Spring day of the love of 10 oh! Had excess plastic surgery and seemed so surreal I won ’ t believe in drama. Means I won ’ t get my first wrinkle until I found this website!!!!!! Of him more time, and you will be number one in misery so! Married due her husband was the only one who insisted on buying those stupid shoes HJ. And we hate, so yeah…, Aaa.. yeah, Greatest marriage love! Are not essential to the end all parties are guilty of their actions and she and her new family away! New nose Young must have told Myung Hwa ’ s part gives Seok Hoon take meds. Asking him to remember HJ as the first step in getting back with at. Working together again after this Korea does not seem to have sex with her for care... And Min Woo to leave his ugly sister alone and wallowing in self-pity listening and for a... For it, even though they are all so far felt she has a wonderful and caring heart,..., openly flirts with Gyo Bin got married but their marriage is not they... The thing that make me less insane just tell your friends that married man =.... Decisions and stomps out of the world, why bother with it so far who to!