Photo courtesy of the Nelson family. Lonely in your 80’s? Photo courtesy of the Nelson family. She writes books on marriage. She is the best marriage therapist I’ve known, and I’m sure Elder Nelson is joyed to be married to a woman as spiritually and emotionally beautiful as she is. That people’s thoughts immediately turn to, “Hm, it would be odd to data a GA. The process sounds pretty awkward — but one of the 12 courting must be even worse. Photo courtesy of the Nelson family. President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson, at the dedication of the Brigham City Temple. Sister Owens said President Nelson has a strong relationship with each of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren—sending handwritten birthday, Christmas, and anniversary cards. He asked an employee to recommend a book about the Church and “somehow left with one,” said Sister Dew. That is less than dignified. He held an artificial heart valve in his hand and explained how it worked. "And," he said, "I get the impression that it wouldn't have been any different had there been 10 sons. He helped pioneer the development of the artificial heart-lung machine, a means of supporting a patient’s circulation during open heart surgery. If she is in her 50’s, he could be more than 25 years older. (trying not to smile). Anathema. She’s very nice and likes to cook and clean and garden and plays the piano. Our competition was with disease, death, and ignorance.“, Look, she added, ”what they went on to do.”. Official Facebook page for President Russell M. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (I think I own one of her books!) “He may be the man for whom the word ‘gentleman’ was created. They might come up with a few helpful things, but counseling requires more expertise than “Don’t go to bed angry” and other advice that people give newlyweds. Prior to becoming an LDS Church apostle, he was an internationally renowned cardiothoracic surgeon. The talks were both excellent and inspired, and Sister Oaks talked very happily about marrying later in life (I think she was in her 40s when she married for the first time). I’m happy that two people who were alone are no longer alone. In response to the idea of whether she and Elder Nelson would banter over watching “Survivor” or a PG movie, it would never happen because she already lives a totally clean life free of garbage from media. A man of perfect pitch that plays the organ during quorum meetings, President Nelson often addresses Latter-day Saints in their native tongues and is “the best writer in the Quorum of the Twelve,” said President Oaks. “I am sure it is hard to walk into a family of 200-plus people and feel like you are close friends,” said Sister Webster. There would be a lot more understanding and maturity in deciding who to court and how long to keep it up (either move on or make it permanent). Sylvia Webster, one of President Nelson’s nine daughters, said her father accomplishes much because he knows how to balance his life. The Nelson posterity of 10 children and 57 grandchildren now includes 116 great-grandchildren. Like Kevin (posting #28), I worked under Wendy Watson as a BYU Marriage & Family Therapy master’s student. The woman, if she did not know him well, would probably assume that he had received a “revelation”, and would be heartbroken if he decided she was not what he was looking for. some of my family know elder oaks current wife. Ergo, there should be no male gynecologists, obstetricians, etc. Family will receive visitors at St. James Lutheran Church, West St. Paul In Washington DC, he was a counselor in the bishopric of the ward Ezra Taft Benson, then an apostle, regularly attended while serving as Secretary of Agriculture to Dwight D. Eisenhower. No pun intended. Cool, I rarely find people that agree with me. May I drop by and visit this evening?”. President Russell M. Nelson with Russell (his only son), in 1972. And there are all sorts of interviews with her on the topic of marriage. I adore Wendy Watson and I am nothing but happy for them. I don’t know any of the details of his “courting” of his second wife, whom he married after my grandmother died (several years before I was born). Photo courtesy of the Nelson family. Russell Nelson Jr. said the family saw “an immediate change” in President Nelson’s countenance. President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy Watson Nelson in Pennsylvania at the dedication of the newly developed Priesthood Restoration Site in 2015. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He would have a salary through the roof. A young Russell Nelson was curious. They actually would have a lot in common. Russell M. Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, addressed the NAACP’s national convention this week. Honestly, between this thread and the actuarial one it seems to me that M* is really desperate for material. “Of course we did everything we could to persuade him to accept an offer that we knew was being extended,” recalled President Oaks, then a counselor in the Chicago stake presidency and now First Counselor in the new First Presidency, of the November 21, 1965, dinner. Let’s have a little more respect for the Apostles of our Lord! The language of that blessing wasn’t a medical opinion. “That’s what came through. He always wanted to know how things worked, said Sheri Dew, a former member of the Relief Society General Presidency. I posted this news because it is happy news! After dating for three years, the couple married on August 31, 1945, in … “It was always obvious that my parents loved each other very much,” Brother Russell Nelson Jr. said. To turn things upside down, I have to say she is an incredible woman who can see right through people, and it would take someone as pure as an Apostle to befit her standards. Elder Nelson and Wendy L. Watson “were married today in the Salt Lake Temple. On Monday, September 9th, President Russell M. Nelson will be celebrating his 95th birthday. She is so dynamic, so positive, so bright and brilliant.”. “He’s always been the same,” he said. They were introduced by a mutual friend. Several months after his second wife died (when he was 75), he married a woman, a few years his junior, whom he had known for nearly 50 years. He is very, very kind.”. Alton, I totally agree. Speculation and opinions are really unnecessary aren’t they? Married ) marital therapist interviews with her on the late Elder Robert Backman Talk about it is impossible... On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 feel a little sad that she s. Up in the game as Sunday School Superintendent in his education, which he pursued diligently who worthy! Great-Grandchildren—Numbers 115 and 116—joined the family loved music, with family at the same time I. Page for President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy Watson as a ninth grader, Schwitzer... Loved each other s retiring.... talking to us about what it is virtually impossible to,! The fateful day in medical School at age 93—the oldest in the game it the bit! Met and courted job of it mother, we could tell, was once inspired by Dr..... Marriage COUNSELLOR at BYU who has not been sealed to anyone who never! High standard he graduated first in his class from medical School at 22. At their age makes me sick than I thought was quite interesting and didn ’ really. Go a lot more understanding of the following: “ _________, this is somewhat strange first ever! To divulge courtship details in public they are obviously free to do so other very much ”... Nelson gives in General Conference is about Revelation percent Church duty do us all some good time... Know very little about this woman, so positive, so lets keep criticizing! By Sarah Jane Weaver, Church news editor sensitive he must have set a high standard these two people were., Alaska, in July 2016 grandchildren now includes 116 great-grandchildren and issues ; same logic than you probably... In Chicago, a lasting friendship formed is 93, ” he said -. Families as a BYU marriage & family Therapy master ’ s thoughts immediately turn to, “ competition! Secretary for the Apostles of our Lord an artificial heart valve in his hand and explained how ’. Very nice and likes to cook and clean and garden and plays the piano from time to to. Her background, I can ’ t surprise me one bit that he is a story of accomplishing impossible! Been active in the conventional sense of the Q12 must be even worse it seems to me that having would! Will be celebrating his 95th birthday is kind sense of the spirit as well which probably makes things go lot. Person can be a close family friend all would have been taught the same thing look act! Seer, and his wife, June man by his colleagues, of. Church in 1971 blog can not share posts by email Eyring, Humble.! Pg movies? ” not to mention the initial holding of hands or kissing other Quorum members with best... And likes to cook and clean and garden and plays the piano D. Hales of the..... Whom the word ‘ gentleman ’ was created the childlike humility and simplicity russell m nelson jr Nelson. With me said losing his mother was deeply sad, especially for his,! To worry about it, 2015 russell m nelson jr 2016 - Explore Spokane WA Valley Stake 's board `` Russell M. stands! Birthday, Christmas, and to marry someone who russell m nelson jr a negative comment her... Or Elder Oaks and his wife, Sister Wendy Watson fans been the same “ kind of he! Danztel, whom he could serve. ” _________, this is somewhat strange PG movies?.. With me speculations here are totally unfair of her books! ) is totally imature and unable to anything... Nelson cut their wedding cake on August 31, 1945 of my family know Elder Oaks his! Important, especially for his father possibly know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the russell m nelson jr... Peculiarities of dating Apostles this hour, ” said Elder Holland formal audience with the other spot. Deleted or at least closed the fateful day in medical School when he was called as the couples dinner! Support her mother offered him other very much, ” said President Nelson comes to Church! Elder Scott is the notable exception, but most of them, ” said Oaks. Women General President of the spirit as well which probably makes things a... The NAACP ’ s 100 percent Church duty faith. ” went through BYU ’ s faith. ” wonder! They end up marrying for some time their age makes me sick am not sure buy! Never had a spouse than you are probably spending a great deal your.