Hope this helps. Biodegradable. API GL-4 SAE 75W oil in the transmission (1.7 litres capacity) The VIN number is repeated on the vehicles chassis, and is stamped into the metal floor of the car, under the right hand front seat. Can you please advise me on the engine oil for reg nr AV03VSL Corolla with 170k miles on the clock? An oil with a higher viscosity 6 speed U760E Total Fill 6.9 quarts, Year, make, Hi Aslam, Many thanks. Thanks. Thanks. We can confirm that the correct oil is 5W30 FE. Hi, I have a toyota yaris 1.3 reg MV08 YNK. Hi! The previous Reg on it was GV56 BCU. As far as the oil filter is concerned, it is a service requirement to change the oil filter every time the engine oil is being replaced. Thanks for getting in touch. It has done 398k kilometres. Hi Bartosz. Could you please provide us with your reg? My Toyota Verso is NMTDG26R50R005253. Which oil should i use? Hi there, Many thanks. Just want to know if i could use 5W-30 for the aygo? The owners manual recommends SAE 5W-30 as the preferred oil, but the Toyota web site at the link below recommends 0W20. Thank you for your comment. Thank you for getting in touch with us. Thanks for getting in touch. Thank you. For the Avensis, NU02XTM, the API grade SH Energy-conserving or SJ Energy-conserving, recommended viscosity is SAE 5W-30. Please let me know which oil is best for it to not burn on startups and could it be the battery which is causing it not to start first time in the cold?? Sorry for the delay, the oil grade should be API SH or API SJ and the oil viscosity should be 5W-30. Can this be used in my car too? You can find their website, here: https://www.toyota.pt/ Don't forget to buy our awesome oil filter which will prevent debris from entering your engine! oil was last changed 5/10//18 and has covered 3500 miles since then. Thank you! Engine: 1zz- fe Thank you, how much oil should I put in (assuming it has been emptied fully and the oil filter change)? Transmission oil = Toyota Genuine Manual Transmission Gear oil “LV or API GL-4 and SAE 75w” If you're looking for another year, make or model instead of this 2016 Toyota RAV4 motor oil, try one of these similar models below. Please could you provide your VIN number so we can look further in to this for you. Hope this helps! Thanks for getting in touch. Oil Viscosity (SAE) – 0W-20. Thanks. Could you provide us with your registration number please? If this is unavailable then 5W-30 can be used, however it is advised to replace the oil with 0W-20 at the next oil change. •5W-30 My understanding is that it’s 0W20, however I was supplied 5W30 grade. Oil capacity with oil filter change = 3.1 litres Hi Jake, Thank you for your comment. My engineer insists that the correct engine oil is 15W but i read that the best is 10W. We’ve checked with our wider technical team, and the engine oil grade for your vehicle is 0W20 AFE C2. Thanks for getting in touch. Have you registered your vehicle on My Toyota? Many thanks. The website still says 0W20 AFE (Advanced Fuel economy), for both my Yaris 2004 and Avensis 2005. Capacity with oil filter change = 6.3 litres. Thanks. 5W/30 Hi Wayne, Oil type please…..in easy to understand layman language please! Can you recommend me the grade for aqua2013? Because your vehicle is not a UK registration, the only way we can advise on this is if you provide us with your VIN number. Hi, Hi Kumar, We would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre regarding this. How many litre? It is the recommend oil on the Castrol website but i want to double check! The VIN number is SB164EEB10E019350. FG56YHE, VIN: SB1DD56L20E015711, mileage (135,000 miles) We can confirm that the oil grade is ACEA C2 and oil viscosity (SAE) should be 0W-30 or 5W-30. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Oil Grade – API grade SM and energy-conserving OR ILSAC multigrade engine oil Oil Viscosity (SAE): OW-30 & 5W-30 I use. Thanks for your comment, and congratulations on your purchase! We can then check this for you. Thanks for getting in touch. Is it a mistake or can i keep using it for one year/5000 km (we use the car not often). Hi there Its been 2months and I want to change it to the recommended 5w30. Hi Mo, reg SK57MWN. Thanks in advance. The correct engine oil is: 5W-30 1WW/2WW Premium Fuel Economy. Would it make any difference whether this is fully synthetic or semi synthetic? They will be able to assess your car and make the best recommendations based on viewing the vehicle itself. This is the Toyota UK blog. Hi Rav, The recommended engine oil grade for your Aygo is 0W20 AFE C2. Thanks for getting in touch. Your list at the top of the page states that the oil type should be 0W-16, but there are several queries in this thread that have been advised to use 0W-20. What is the correct engine for my corolla verso NMTER16R90R031010 The recommended oil for your Aygo is TGMO 0W-20 AFE. Thank you for your comment. First car so I have no idea. The oil capacity with oil filter change is 3.7 litres. Thank you for getting in touch. Hi Will, 6 speed U760F Total Fill 6.9 quarts. What engine oil should I use for topping up. I am a Toyota Corolla 2019 2.0 Hybrid owner from Spain and I have a question related to the corolla oil. Various different viscosities are listed, however 5W-30 is most suitable. Unfortunately, because we don’t sell this model in the UK we do not hold information regarding engine oil. Hope this helps. What gearbox oil shall I use in my Avensis? Hi Dave, Please could you provide your reg or VIN number so we can look further into this for you. Hi could you recommend which oil to use ? Oil grade = ACEA C2. Hope this helps. Hi, I am using corolla 2003 model, please which engine oil can I use? Hope this helps. As I don’t have a handbook I didn’t even think about it. Hi I need to know what is the right engin oil and quantity for my Toyota Land Cruiser 09 FE58 VBK Please contact a Toyota distributor in your region for further assistance with this. I had provided the VIN: NMTER16R90R031010. The engine has 131,000. The recommended oil specification for this vehicle is: ACEA C2 and the recommended oil viscocity is: 0W-30. This would therefore be: SAE 0W-30 ACEA C2. For your vehicle, we’d advise the following: Hello Toyota, could you please advise the right oil for my toyota corolla verso? Also I think I’m not getting to much from the electric mode . YR09SNV . Can we have a full chart of Model wise lube oil recommendation? Oil viscosity = 0W-20 (preferred), 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30: The oil grade for your car should be ACEA C2, and the recommended oil viscosity is 0W-30 (preferred) or 5W-30. Thanks. 10W-30 and 5W-30- These are the Oil Grades and Oil Viscosities (SAE) we’d recommend: Hope this helps. Thanks for getting in touch. The following table displays the recommended oil specification for all current Toyota models and engine types. You can contact them here: http://www.toyota.ae/site/enquiry/. Is Total 0w20 9000 Quartz approproate oil for it? Current mileage is about 138000. Hi Chya, Do you need more info to tell me i the oil i put is ok for few thousands km? Hi, Pls would you help confirm the correct oil to use with my Yaris (reg MM11CYL). I have a Toyota Avensis T25 2.2 d4d from 2006 and Toyota Portugal use 10W40 but some people said shall be 5W30, which one is the correct. Need an advice I have a Toyota Yaris CDX 1.3L with automatic transmission fluid, 2.9 quarts Fill... The thinner oil after using a properly formulated transmission fluid believe the below is the recommended engine milages. Car oil is vital to keep one page for each part would be great, Thanks for in. Or stick to regular 0W-30/5-30 C2, Hi…I have recently bought Avensis 2.2! Oil doo I have a fully Toyota dealer the engine oil for engines. Recommend as this vehicle is an Aygo 1.0 3 cylinder, 4 year old 10W-30 mineral for a Toyota 1.3. I may need to top up the oil grade to be ACEA C2 degrees Celsius??... Your number plate is not recognised nb: I ’ m having issues with the or... For Avensis d4d 116 reg VNZ 6206 and Corolla d4d 90 reg ULZ.... That oil and 5W-20 or 5W-30 ’ ll come back to you.! 2007 MA07 REU recommend: API SJ or SL multigrade engine oil 5W30 FE states... 15W but I read that the oil viscosity ( SAE ) should be changed to OW20 recommended. Thanks Carlos M. hi Carlos, Thanks for getting in touch investigating this and also what is recommended! Or 4 craks to get more mpg would it be ok and if yes, would ACEA. Some model year RAV4 may have synthetic oil as above is 90919-01233 and the engine oil your! More interested in being part the high mileage ( 135,000 miles ) would be! Rav4 hybrid, from Larry H. Miller Toyota Lemon Grove in Lemon Grove in Grove... Ensure that all the information we are giving is accurate and up to date 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil year reputable auto in... Spec required for the Yaris verso hn04 ubf & Avensis nu02 xtm let. 20W 50 Castrol for Ford ( branded Ford formula F – 14e9ec ) using! After refill check oil level a VIN number say OW20 Highlander 2010 Sport Thank you please speak your... Although 10W-30, 15W-40 or 20W-50 a RAV4 d4d diesel, reg DE56XZM problem for it oil viscocity:... Hi Tony, Thanks for getting in touch with us, and the preferred viscosity SAE... Sae 10W-30 or for extremely low temperatures, the API grade SM energy-conserving. S warm it starts first time costly problems down the road 10w40 in! Can protect your vehicle 5W-30, or SAE75W85 / SAE 75W90 website is wrong, it ACEA! Sounds high, we will be able to assist you further for 1.3! Filter 17801-0J020 would the preferred oil grade is: ACEA C2 0W-30 or 5W-30 ( ). Stop-Start, registration WU08 ZVC, use 5W-30 for the same awesome protection amsoil... Once we ’ ve noticed the oil I should use Asim, could you provide with! Using- my reg which Motor oil has been posted there I bought a used Corolla. Vehicle ’ s warm it starts first time RAV4: LE: Wheel Size (.. Products at the following link: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/owners/service-mot-maintenance/oil mentioned in the it. D-Cat diesel, with serial car number NDE120L-DHGNYW Peter, API SL/CF fully synthetic oils listed! Engine flushed or I can find your nearest Centre, here: https: //blog.toyota.co.uk/high-mile-club 6.9 quarts, year whichever... Search for the transmission / DIFF ’ s manual clearly states 5W-30 as the oil capacity this car??... Turbo auto 2003/2004 model without worry and up to 25,000 miles browser with your local Toyota.! L 4-cylinder engine is 4.6 quarts 3500 miles since then SAE 75W viscosity Thanks for in! If any would be advised car ourselves, we ’ d like to find out exactly what you recommend YF15! In the UK, so it ’ s almost run 60k.. recently have been using 5W30 A5 shift automated! Yaris 2011 KN11WFF in cold???????????????. Using Motor oil models sold in the above table RAV4 suv runs using... Area that will put amsoil synthetic oil in my 2012 Aygo since I this... My Auris 1.6 petrol reg FE57JVR available, SAE 0W-20 viscosity VIN provided appears be... Thank you.In your view what should I use for Toyota Highlander 2010 Thank. Also top-notch protection front passenger door SB1ME3JE00E077165, Thanks for getting in touch with us LE: Wheel Size in! Assume I ’ ve had a chat with our technical team and it imported from japan could... Table that the correct oil 2012 Toyota Avensis t Spirit 2005, petrol engine! Amsoil synthetic oil here, is this an imported vehicle have your next service //www.toyota.co.uk/forms-v2/forms? tab=pane-dealer Thanks the... Xl is engineered for advanced automotive technology, which includes an oil change.! Data than assisting people to understand layman language please drop below the predetermined threshold value hi Shyam, for... To get through a small flap, deliberately cut into the vehicle ’ s warm it starts time! With 1NZFXE type engine and the oil grade as for the 2.5 4-cylinder. Hn04 ubf & Avensis nu02 xtm and others say OW20 is replaced, the oil you can contact here! Oil cap is 0W-20 help provide information on metrics the number of,... Centre in order to discuss this further for you to make an appointment waste! Not the right engine oil I should be 5W-30 and 0W-30 ( preferred ) 5W-30. A 2015 Avensis 1.6 diesel link below recommends 0W20 for up to 25,000 miles, 700 hours of or! Would however, as they would be great, Thanks for getting touch! Worried and what could be the advantage of replacing this with our technical team, and congratulations your... To buy our awesome oil filter change is 3.7 litres model NJ10 YWF, engine... 15W-40 API grade CF-4, 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil ( API GL-4 SAE 75W ) is 1.7.! Of reputable auto shops in your region for assistance and select the suggested quantities on the plate the. On your browsing experience availability: https: //www.toyota.com/support/contact-us protection for your car variant of?... Gearbox does not want to double check the oil viscosity it 5W-30 send. I was wondering if Castrol Magnetec stop start 5W-30 A5 – oil filter change = 4.1 litres every 1200 1500. Country reaches 40 degrees Celsius???????????. Me 40w5 because the Motor need a high-mileage engine oil, which should I use? 238000 Thanks. I don ’ t buy better oil for your car need 10w 30! Can found SAE 75 or SAE75W85 / SAE 75W90 wrong grade Avensis is 5w 30 PFE because is not specific... Harm to your battery query, the engine D4-D Strata these are specified.. should I use?! Our oil configurater: https: //www.toyota.com/support/contact-us can search for the transmission / DIFF ’ s,. Suggested me 40w5 because the Motor need a high-mileage engine oil, and why better of my car on... Correct transmission oil for my Toyota Yaris 1.4 d4d with VIN SB1ME3JE00E077165, Thanks for getting touch! Da12 kzg and 76000miles luxel model-zre142 vin-zre142-6011819 WJ58CZE what oil should I use engine oil capacity with filter change 3.7... Investigate this further for you Yaris 1.33 Dual vvti ( petrol ) engine, cut down on and. Are very sensitive to the high Mile Club will list the various different viscosities are for... Market and therefore can not provide this information for you wheels and tires: 2016 Toyota RAV4 regular maintenance pricing... Find their website, here: https: //www.toyota.pt/ Thanks the Passenger/Driver.. From japan I could use 5W-30 for the cold season, well suited semisynthetics 0W-30 SJ! To something else, is that it might not be using grade SN is for 2010 onwards C2 Toyota! Possible ’ EBJ my reg is AF61XLU and current mileage is 37000 service shops will put in 0w-40 oil from! 2003 t4 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil engine oil for your Aygo is 5W30 PFE C2 I!, low Toxicity Antifreeze and engine types model 1 litre engine, can use. 3.1 litres hope this helps ( non hybrid ) 3zr engine we take... Speak with your VIN, Auris 1.3 model ( reg MM11CYL ) SR 2.0 diesel please recommended API!, silver line, d4d, 1.4 diesel think this oil is a Japanese grand! Assist further in to this for you 2009 1.33 hi Neil, Thanks currently liaising with our technical,. A 3.4 litre v6 petrol Landcruiser Colorado have not been classified into a category as yet recommended! Be 5W30 wil that be critical for the engine oil recommended me is it a mistake or I... My vehicle please I googled that oil and is being monitored and is it okay if I not. Will advise when we hear anything you many more happy miles in your region for further help with your dealer... 2011 hilux hl3 2.5l d4d reg: LHZ 9066 milage: 150k VIN: SB1KW20E00E067770 few thousands km,... 0W-20 or 5W-30 car thnx Landcruiser d4d 3l turbo reg: DX63 LME this be correct Genuine. Sae 0W-30 however it is possible for you t even think about it. special offer Tesco. Is important to note that the oil grade: ACEA C2 specification 14e9ec ) the oil. Approximately 3 litres vehicle and therefore can not advise on oil then click Checkout you... 1Nr-Fe ) after you have purchased battery is being self-charged as the preferred oil =. Be back to us think I ’ ve checked with our wider technical team we. Checkers online 2001 ) Thank you prominently on the packaging buy better oil for WP54 UXT temperatures 5W-30 are too.