The Bulldog’s inability to take care of himself in this way can turn otherwise happy Bulldog owners into spectators. Apartment dwellers and families who like to binge watch Stranger Things all evening have found the perfect companion. Your pup needs to have the basic in obedience training. Other days he’ll very suddenly and for no reason at all begin galloping in a mad circle with excitement as if he’d only just learned to run! . He spends some days laying lazily and snoring at your feet while each exhale of air narrowly escapes those blabbering jowls. Roy Z. Roy has owned 14 dog breeds, with corgis being his absolute favorite. Also, English Bulldogs have a tendency to drool a lot more due to those adorable oversized jowls, so that is something that you’ll need to keep up with on a cleanliness level, but also wiping the dog’s mouth often will help to prevent over moisturization, that could lead to sores or infection. Sweet, adorable, loyal, silly, playful, quiet and friendly. These wide-eyed small pups do look adorable, but there are some drawbacks of adopting these blue French bulldogs. If they didn’t, then I very much doubt that they would be one of the most popular dog breeds to own. We now have his nephew, Milo, and they both got to spend at least 6 months together before we finally had to put my sweet Otis down. Both breeds can live healthy lives anywhere between 12-14 years old on average. This one detail is another huge con. Corgi are the best of the both worlds. Weigh the pros and cons of spaying while considering the lifestyle you want for yourself and your Bulldog. They are friendly and affectionate and even do well with children of all ages. I have spent years and hours and hours of doing research on the breed. With most of them maintaining a weight under 28 pounds, and not growing much larger than 12-13 inches at the shoulder, the French Bulldog is your choice if it’s a lap dog you’re looking for. Our readers’ most popular and frequently asked questions about the Bulldog. Bulldog owners are confused…Could this behavior represent a cry for help? However, if you love attention and meeting new people the Bulldog can do that for you! Plays Well With Others – We’ve had many Bulldogs in the last 10 years. Pros and Cons to owning a Bulldog. Was my list accurate or was I too hard on the Bulldogs? Jamie Lynn’s Bulldog, Ward and His Buddy, Cooper! I liked that you mentioned that owning an English Bulldog will help you meet new people. English bulldogs are very family friendly and generally get along with other dogs as well. 18. He was the most lovable dog ever! Please comment below. There are plenty of reasons why you should not get a French Bulldog. His physical characteristics make him adoptable to apartment and house conditions, as well as farms and country side, as long as the weather is not too hot. In a vey short time he learned to love children and people in general. Characteristics Size: On average English Bulldogs weigh 50 pounds, and stand 15 inches tall at the shoulders. A Labrador is fully capable of cleaning himself everywhere except his back while a Bulldog can only reach his front paws. They all wanted to pet her and get a photo taken. Pro #1: Safe Procedure with Short Recovery Time. Most of the time it doesn’t matter whether you’ve told him for the third time to potty outside, to come and get a treat or. However, they don’t require long walks to stay fit and trim. But for our purposes here today, out of the many varieties of the breed, we’re going to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog. How to Get Great Pictures of Your Bulldog, How to Stop Slime Forming in the Water Bowl, How to Bottle Feed Newborn Bulldog Puppies, English, Mini, French – See The Difference, 10 Things to Never Say to a Friend With a Bulldog. Blue French Bulldogs occur rarely but in natural ways sometimes. Copyright ©2018–2020 Dog Breeds FAQ. 27.Feb.2020. Like any other breed of pet dogs, the English bulldog has its own set of pros and cons for owning it. They should not be exercised in the extreme temperatures and should always be provided with fresh water and shade or air conditioning on the warmer days. He’s a self proclaimed “corgi whisperer,” whatever that means. Climate Intolerances: American Bulldogs and other snub nose dogs do not fair well in hot weather. The #1 forum for the English Bulldog enthusiast! My wife and I played with him and taught him not to bite hard when playing. I have wanted an English Bulldog ever since my dad had one when I was a small child. English Bulldog Training And Care; Pros And Cons Of Getting A English Bulldog; English Bulldog FAQs. However, just like many dogs that have been bred to have distinct features, they both have their share of potential problems. The yeast infections between the facial folds, the sometimes dirty rear-end after pooing, and ear infections are a nuisance. Keen to learn more, here are the vital statistics! There you have it, some pros and cons of owning a French bulldog. That said, on average, the French Bulldogs tend to be the healthiest of all the different Bulldog types, having fewer things to worry about in the future. Cropping Your Dog’s Ears: The Pros and Cons. What is the Origin of the French Bulldog? When you go out walking you’ll notice those jogging by often stop to ask, “Is that a REAL English Bulldog? I’ve decided if I make any comparison of the Bulldog to another animal it should be the Labrador because I’ve had a profound experience with both. Hey, Allison, go easy on The TP Monster. Would it be logical to adopt an old English bulldog if I work fulltime during the week, Monday-Friday, 11-8? Pros. A Labrador, on the other hand does make a satisfactory guard dog thanks to his agility and stamina. Not nearly as athletic, tall, aggressive, or energetic as their forefathers, today’s English Bulldogs have set aside any evidence of having a worker/fighter background, and have been bred to be loveable “so ugly they’re cute,” calm dogs. Bulldogs are extremely kind and gentle with the kiddos! Are they just bored or are they trying to convey their overwhelming disapproval of your chosen color schemes throughout the house? After going over these different breeds, hopefully, you’ll be able to make a more educated decision. Long story short, met them at a wedding, talked for hours about Bullies, and 4 years later, we rescued one of their dogs, Otis, after his owner gave him up for the 2nd time, when he was almost 9 years old. English Bulldogs are fairly popular and are well-loved by many. As stated above, the breeder’s intentions were to create a toy version of its much larger, heavier, and more aggressive ancestry. one question…. -a Bulldog will stare back at you as if those desperate words were completely devoid of any meaning. Being popular among lace workers, many of these dogs traveled with the lace working trade from England to France, where the dog grew in popularity and prominence. No Exercise or Large Living Space Needed – Well, they do need some exercise. I’m pretty sure it was the cat this time lol. The English (or British) Bulldog is one result of the attempt of breeders to repurpose Olde English Bulldogs after the gruesome sport of “Bullbaiting” became illegal in 1835. I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for ages! They are muscular, wide-bodied dogs that give you the sense that they’re always standing at attention. I know even the Labrador can suffer from all of these ailments, but still, the disadvantage goes to the Bulldog on this one because these health concerns are more common for them. Especially in the summer when she swimming a lot, Your email address will not be published. Bulldogs make great animal companions for families with kids. They are susceptible to heat stroke in warm weather or hot rooms and cars. I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks for sharing this info! Thank you for your comments in regard to all of the positive aspects of owning one of these puppies. 1. Hygiene Headaches – This one had to be first because in my experience, it’s possibly the most profound disadvantage to owning an English Bulldog. This caused many changes and offshoots from the original breed, though there are still plenty of Olde English Bulldogs out there today. Are English Bulldogs smart? The Olde English Bulldogge was conceived to be a guardian dog without the unprovoked aggression for which Bullys were long known. Americans also took to the breed, resulting in the “French Bulldog Club of America,” which was the first of its kind for the breed; setting standards for the dog, giving it more legitimacy as its own breed. Frenchies are now one of the most popular dogs in the world. Pros of letting your Frenchie sleep with you. Required fields are marked *. With every breed of dog, there will be strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. Pros- they bring you so much joy! Precisely because of these facts, French Bulldogs were, and are still considered for great companion dogs. !” I had this one experience…..We took Indy with us on a cross country trip a few years back and mountains of people gasped with excitement at the site of our little Indy when visiting the Grand Canyon. they do something so sweet you can’t be mad for longer than half a second. Well, nothing in the world is perfect. Pros and Cons Of American Bulldogs. Enjoy Watching Dog Videos: Youtube Channel . Five, if you’re counting. Many of the physical traits that have been bred into the dog that people love are some of the very same traits that cause the dog problems if not cared for properly. If you have the pleasure of owning an English Bulldog, with all of the extra, every day, headache of skin issues, smelling gases coming out of their body, endless drool, you will never love another dog as much as you do your amazing, lazy, silly, loving, endearing, did I mention LOVING, Bulldog. Whichever of the two are a good fit for your location, your lifestyle, your family, and your expectations- go for it! Honestly, as we said earlier, they also need a home and a loving family. 8 Beagle Pros And Cons: Is A Beagle The Right Dog For You? (Credits to Wikimedia Commons for this image.). I’ve seen them allow toddlers to smack them over the head with various toys, hang by their ears, slap them on the rear and ride them off into the sunset. There are, of course, big pros and cons to owning an English Bulldog vs owning some other dog such as, let’s say, a Labrador! do you have any experience with bulldogs tearing up/digging in the yard ? Frenchies are the best. Let me explain more clearly what I mean. All rights reserved. Bulldogs suffer a host of different respiratory issues due to the over-breeding of their flat/pushed in face. We also took him for lots and lots of walks so he could run around meet other people. You just have to take precautions and make plans before taking on a dog. Here are the main pros and cons to keep in mind. Now you have some ideas of the pros and cons of corgis. Broke my heart, but I cannot stress how wonderful that love of an English Bulldog changed my life, and gave us a super crazy ball of fury, of my new “baby” Milo…a continued piece of my big boy, Otis. This would be the choice for apartments or houses with smaller yards. – Go into any bookstore and you’ll find a book featuring hundreds of Bulldogs who spend all night desperately trying to achieve one goal…. Neutering a male dog means removing his testicles, rendering him sterile. Several short walks a day is what would be recommended, for potty purposes as well as exercise. Cons – The Drawbacks of Owning a Blue French Bulldog as a Pet. Bulldogs are very laidback and make perfect pets for less active people. Their personality. We’re going to compare English Bulldog vs French Bulldog, to help contrast the differences between the two breeds so that potential owners can choose more wisely when in the market for a new best friend. Wildly Unique in Character –  The English Bulldog lives in a world all his own. English Bulldogs usually give birth to three or four puppies in a litter. There are, of course, big pros and cons to owning an English Bulldog vs owning some other dog such as, let’s say, a Labrador! Most of us know about the English Bulldog and other popular bully breeds, but the Olde English Bulldogge, or OEB as he is sometimes called, is a newer (and older) hybrid to the scene.. A recreation of a once extinct breed, the Olde English Bulldogge is steadily building a name and reputation for himself as a popular and loving companion. Stubby legs, large spherical head, a great big smile with equally big jowls, wrinkles, and an underbite that often puts their lower K9’s on display. Leave a comment! And this photo from Allison Marie who lovingly said of her Bulldog, Stanley, “The TP Monster” . It’s like you’re with a celebrity on Hollywood Blvd. How much Exercise does an English Bulldog Need? Pros: Great companions, quiet (except for occasional gas), love to be with their people. I’ve decided if I make any comparison of the Bulldog to another animal it should be the Labrador because I’ve had a profound experience with both. Did you have one that I missed? White stuffing from the expensive new dog bed scattered…..EVERYWHERE! It’s your decision to make though, and you should think about what’s right for you and your pet. The Cons Of French Bulldogs. Attention Getters – If you like to keep to yourself when out in public or you’re a bit introverted this one might actually belong in the “cons” section below. Also taking care of their wrinkles is important, to prevent infections forming from irritation deep inside the wrinkles. Whole rooms of carpet ripped from the floor! Heat and Bulldogs don’t mix, and this should be taken seriously when it comes to giving them exercise- despite which breed you’ve chosen. Indoor or outdoor play is a good idea, and if your English Bully is in the mood, tug of war or fetch is often a favorite of theirs- albeit in short bursts until it’s time to lay back down. Comparing the pros and cons, I would think it would be a better family pet than not. There isn’t quite anything like the sloppy and at times goofy regality of a Bulldog. Watch out when he does this; he can accidentally barrel young children and lamp stands right over. -Pro and Con – They’re real life sour patch kids. How many puppies do English bulldogs have? They’ve got the wide-body, well-planted stance, muscular frame, and the loose skin around the face, head, and shoulders, that Bulldogs are known for. Cropping Your Dog’s Ears: The Pros and Cons. Then again, we know, when the occasion calls for it, those same eyes can be very aware, caring, gentle and fun-loving too. We believe this sincerely, as do a lot of people; usually, the same that advocates for the blind, deaf dogs, and dogs with other special needs. It sounds like a great idea but what are the pros and cons of giving Bulldogs Omega-3 fish oil? Cons: High Maintenance breed, health issues. I’ve decided if I make any comparison of the Bulldog to another animal it should be the Labrador because I’ve had a profound experience with both. English Bulldog Pros and Cons There are, of course, big pros and cons to owning an English Bulldog vs owning some other dog such as, let’s say, a Labrador! They’re predictable, friendly, and never seem to lose that “puppy dog” appearance, even when fully grown to around 50-60 pounds and around 17” tall. What is the Origin of the English Bulldog? I enjoy getting to know my neighbors and making new friends and am excited to hear that an English Bulldog would help me in this process. Hey to answer your question me and my wife bought our female English bulldog remy she’s around 12 weeks right now and her favorite thing to do is to rip up the grass when we bring her outside and eat dirt it’s very funny to watch because she won’t eat the grass she just rips it out of the ground lol. ❤❤. Thanks for sharing with us, Jana! Buster Brown, tough enough to wear pink for a contest! It never ever fails! Never any issues with him at all!!! You have the awesomeness of an English Bulldog with all of the care and work on one side, or the smaller, friskier French Bulldog with all of its positives as well on the other side. The looks you’ll get from those eyes! Pros: Kids lovers No surprise since they have such a good temperament. Julia Hall’s Bulldog, Matilda McFluffyButts. English Bulldog temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books Most breed clubs call this breed simply Bulldog . But if you're considering bringing a Frenchie into your family, it's important to know the pros and cons of owning this particular breed, before diving in head first. Do you have some pros and cons that you think should be added to this discussion? Torn ACLs, Ear infections, head tremors and seizures, allergies and intolerances are just a handful of the most common struggles a Bulldog might acquire. Every Bulldog is content just doing….nothing, but they should still have at least moderate exercise for basic health purposes. Cons. When we first got him he was not very social. They stand out clearly from other dogs. If you’re leaning on having your Bulldog spayed but are worried about the risks, there are ways to … Which is easier to care for, a French Bulldog, or an English Bulldog? The pros and cons of corgis. And now for the cons. In this final section, we’ll take a close look at the main pros and cons of allowing your dog to sleep with you. Not to mention these “cons” are made even worse due to the fact that the Bulldog has almost no ability to groom and clean himself like a Labrador can. My Frenchie barks so rarely that she won’t even bark to go potty outside (A little frustrating, but at least she isn’t yippy!) The American Kennel Club describes the beagle as an excellent hunting dog and a loyal companion. This is another reason why French Bulldogs make such great apartment dogs. Those are the pros and cons that I believe are the main factors when buying a French Bulldog. 6. Hip-dysplasia is the #1 problem suffered by English Bulldogs, and Von Willebrand’s disease is most the common problem for the French. I have a plan of having my very own puppy and been doing some research for maintaining its healthiness and tidiness. Otis was one of the biggest blessings to our family ever! June(left) and Gloria from our last litter of pups. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Plus after you factor in all of the extra time and energy it takes to care for your Bulldog the cost is even greater than the more self-reliant Labrador. Although a Bulldog can easily defend itself and even hand out a hefty beating, none of our bullies had a bad temper or started fights with other animals in the neighborhood. So what do my readers think? Was blessed to meet an AMAZING couple that bred them; however, were SUPER selective in people that adopted their “babies”…cash money meant nothing to Paula if she didn’t have a good feeling about the individual wanting one of their pups. Generally speaking, the French Bulldog would make the better guard dog as it is more alert and higher strung enough to respond to what it feels is an intruder or something suspicious going on. 5. Which between the two would be a better guard dog? 4. Color: Any color except all black or black and white. Not all fats are bad and there are good fats that can improve your Bulldog’s health, fitness, immunity, weight management, and energy level. One of the advantages to owning an English Buldog is the calm and lazy temperament of the dog. The vet should be able to provide more insightful details about the French bulldogs especially health specifics. Just take a look at this shot of my Frenchie when he was a pup! With every breed of dog, there will be strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. Are Bulldogs aggressive? I find myself constantly monitoring my bull dogs hygiene This does not allow him to reach 90% of his body for maintenance. English Bulldogs aren’t very active by nature and run the risk of obesity if they haven’t gone out and taken in enough daily exercise. Donovan Edwards wrote out the pros and cons of signing to play college football for the Michigan Wolverines and Georgia Bulldogs, among other schools. These dignified dogs are used as mascots for all kinds of sports teams, Mack Truck hood ornaments, and can be seen in YouTube videos surfing or skateboarding. Let’s begin! French Bulldogs: cons to ownership. Pros. That said, there are several different bulldog types, some are similar to others, but all are different enough to look different, behave differently, different shapes and sizes, etc…. Taking your French Bulldog out on a daily walk will help control your dog’s weight. An interesting research study conducted by researchers working at the renowned Mayo Clinic found that there were no statistically significant reasons to ban dogs from your bed. Welcome to English Bulldog News! Blue eyes and fur makes blue French bulldogs so popular among dog lovers. Doesn’t Usually Make a Good Guard Dog – “Tank” makes a great name for a Bulldog, yes, but in this case a name like “Tank” speaks to the shear ruggedness – not the aggressiveness of a Bulldog. Are English Bulldogs good pets? 3. Why are Bulldogs so expensive? They are currently ranked 6th out of 195 breeds as far as popularity. English Bulldog vs French Bulldog Comparison Infographic. They are … Because this is such a desirable and typical look for the breed, it has become an issue that is inherent. English Bulldogs has the lowest degree of working/obedience intelligence. While many dog breeds have traditionally sported cropped ears, this practice has become controversial in recent years. Beautiful family dogs!! Versatility: This is where getting to know a breeder is very important. How much Exercise does a French Bulldog Need?